White Embossed Bud Vase Set

White Embossed Bud Vase Set

This tiny white embossed bud vase set is just too cute.

While the shape and size is consistent on this group of containers, each one is has a different floral design. And since they are a bright white, any flowers, fresh or artificial, will stand out.

They have a very feminine¬†feel so if there’s a lady in your life in need of a gift, this just might be what you want. I’d add three single flowers (her favorites, of course) to make this gift extra special.

The flower carvings on these little jars are so beautiful. Even without flowers, they will look wonderful wherever they sit.



Simple Curvy White Flower Vase



simple curvy white flower vaseThere’s so much to love about this simple curvy white flower vase. I don’t mean simple as in plain. I mean simple as in accentuating your decor, rather than detracting from it.

That’s what I love about this pretty little vase. The plump bottom holds lots of water for fresh flowers and the flared top lets blooms… well, spread out and boom. There’s nothing else that distracts the eye. The flowers take center stage.

The simplicity of it works well in lots of decors, from home to office. It’s also perfect to decorate tables at events such as weddings and showers.

And that’s what I like best about this vase, it’s versatile. And one that you’ll be reaching for often.

BTW, it stands 8-inches high and is 3-inches on the bottom with a 4-inching opening. And if you like a little more color, there are lots more choices.