Abstract Human Head Flower Vase

Abstract Human Head Flower Vase

This abstract human head flower vase is sooooo unique. If you’re looking for a conversation starter than this is it!

The design of this container is obviously contemporary with lots of angles. The facial features are strong with the hair looking blown back by the wind.

People who lean toward the artistic (or just unusual) will love this design. And whatever plants or flowers that are used will only add to the artistic flair of this piece.

This is more than just a container for plants and such, it is a unique piece of art that you will be proud to display.



Unique Triangular White Flower Vases

Unique Triangular Flower Vase Set

What’s not to love about these two (yes, I said two) unique triangular white flower vases? They are real standouts in so many ways.

This desk set features one large and one small container. The geometric shapes fit into brash frames and look so stunning sitting side-by-side.

They’re perfect for a contemporary, modern decors, whether it’s at home on a  bookcase or coffee table or at work, sitting on a desk or credenza. If you’re looking for a unique design, then this set is something you’ll want to check out.

Versatility is something else you’ll want to consider with these planters. They can be used to hold flowers (real or artificial), green plants or as containers for things such as pencils, pens, and scissors. See, I told you, what’s not to love!